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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Welcome to our blog. Here you will find the truth about what is REALLY going on in the world and how it is run. As longtime Michael Jackson fans, his death (murder) came as a big shock. In the months following his death, we became increasingly suspicious about the media's explanation as to what happened and why his doctor was able to resume practice so quickly. Something just didn't seem right. After a couple of months of researching, we found out the truth. Angered and very hurt at the situation, we decided that something needed to be done in order to help get Michael's message out to the public and to preserve his legacy as the greatest entertainer that ever lived. Truth777Exposed videos are a way that we can help share the knowledge we have learned about Michael's death to other MJ fans who may still be in the dark as to the REAL reason the King of Pop is no longer with us. Feel free to download and share ANY videos that you want. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions about topics or to share any other information you may have about a subject that we may not have touched on. The more we think about all of the difficult times and pain that "they" put Michael through (molestation accusations, public scrutiny, etc.) the more we realize spread the message, for Michael. Especially once we consider that the same people who tried to make his short life a living hell are also responsible for his death. Please help us get the message out.

Thank you,
Truth777Exposed Team


  1. he lived half a decade thats a long life
    he was luckier then other celebs who died

  2. Yes, but ultimately he was still a victim in the end.

  3. Dont you know that Michael was not innocent either? He participated in satanic worship like all the major stars in Hollywood. How could you have missed this aspect? He was considered one of the greatest bophomet witchcraft workers in the industry. Do some research on his music especially his Dangerous album and the artwork for the album. There you will find hidden messages and depictions of Aliester Crowley and more. You should look deeper into his personal lifestyle and the reason why he was so famous before dedicating your site to him.

  4. I just wanted to get your thought on the conspiracy that has to do with why the government is trying to profile and even allow profiling against Latin people. Is this their way of controlling and eliminating the majority of the Latin community? I know back in the day, they did this with African Americans and now They are doing this with the Latin community, also I notice they are also trying to promote a race war between latins and African Americans with the Zimmerman case. Please let me know your thoughts on this.