seriale tv Truth777Exposed: Sacrifices + Jimi Hendrix's Death Exposed

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sacrifices + Jimi Hendrix's Death Exposed

The follwing videos discuss the disturbing various ritual sacrifices.

Blood Sacrifices Exposed

Human (Solstice) Sacrifices Exposed

Brittany Murphy's Sacrifice Exposed (Both of these vids are combined into one video for download.)

Jimi Hendrix's Death Exposed **New**
How and why Jimi Hendrix died.


  1. For the record: the Black Panthers were NOTHING like the Ku Klux Klan. Original members of this group were tired of watching the police state that the black community was turning into, simply because they were black. The Black Panther Party took strides to uplift a community that was being attacked from all sides from the all seeing, racist death mongers that run this oligarchy we call America. To put them in the same arena as the phallic worshipping, slave castrating KKK is just feeding into the illuminati BS. You should check out "Black Power Mixtapes" and get a complete and TRUE perspective of the Panthers and what they did for the people of this country. Thank you for making these videos, regardless of my (small) objection of "Panther accuracy", I'm so happy that others are waking up and doing something about destroying this hell they've built for us.

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