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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free Video Converter to put vids on DVD!!!

Under each of my videos I will have a download link. The videos that I have uploaded to mediafire are .wmv format. In order to put them on DVD for playback on televisions, etc. they need to be in MPEG-II format.

To do this, I have uploaded a free video converter "Any Video Converter." Here is the link to download the converter:

Here is a tutorial on how to convert videos.

*Pause at 2:38, once you have dragged the videos you want to convert into the program, select MPEG-II (2 spaces above .wmv.) The vids will turn out the best if you keep them 720x480 and make the video aspect 16:9.

Once that's done make sure each box is checked next to the vids you want to convert and click convert (right next to "Add Video.")
After that your vids will be ready to be burned on DVD.

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