seriale tv Truth777Exposed: August 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Irrefutable Evidence of the Olympic Games Plans?

We have noticed  that we have a lot of naysayers who doubt that the Olympics Conspiracy.

Well how do you all explain this?

Aurora Shooting Exposed

Embedded is a video thjat we found on youtube that does a GREAT job exposing the Aurora Massacre. It is NOT one of our videos but it is great nonetheless. We were too busy to make one ourselves so please watch the video below.

The elite have even planted actors to serve as witnesses to help in the hoax and decieve the general public.

Notice that the Aurora shooter's name is last name is Holmes. You may be aware of the shooting that occured at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. Well the shooter in the Wisconsin shooting lives on "Holmes" Avenue

This was also set up. They were both set up in order to get the general public to support the UN gun ban. Don't be fooled.