seriale tv Truth777Exposed: The Natalie Wood Sacrifice?

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Natalie Wood Sacrifice?

Part 1

Part 2

In this video we expose Natalie Wood's murder investigation resurrection as the Elite's next distraction and give reasons why we think she was sacrificed. We compare her death to those of other known sacrifices (Aaliyah, Former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.) We also expose another distraction: Occupy Wall Street.


  1. Wow, I had no idea former senator Stevens was planning on releasing all of that information. He's got balls. RIP.

  2. Ok; I'm sorry, but the Occupy Wall Street movement is in protest of the NWO, and taking the opinion of a former country leader, is *not* the answer.

    1. Glad to see someone else gets this...

  3. I knew it....Everything is true, but I thought that the reaon why they do these killing is to bring someone else to rise

  4. Remember Richie Valens. Throught out the movie they showed that he was afraid to die in a plane crash. Maybe he was a sacrifice, too.

  5. I've been on board with most of your vids for awhile now, but your theory that Occupy Wall Street is an NWO distraction is the result of a single misconstrued comment. I have been with OWS since Day 1, here in NYC. As an organizer, activist, and anarchist I am well ingrained with the inner workings of the movement here. I have been to many general assemblies, functions, rallies, marches, planning meetings, spokes councils, festivals, and courtroom gatherings. My peers are wholeheartedly bound in their convictions to exposing corruptions in all facets. We are independent people, organically standing up to the global pandemic of greed, completely of our own volition.

    If anything, the media has instituted a blackout as to the truth of what we're doing. In New York City, there is literally an action every day. Obviously the blackout is quite effective, or you'd know much more about what we really do.

    Gorbachev's comment merely references the fact that the NWO will seek to gain a new foothold by crushing these mass civil uprisings. The movement itself (as well as those in Spain, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Quebec, Germany, Russia etc.) is a social inevitability in any system of oppression -- the people at the bottom will eventually attempt to "flip" the power structure pyramid. This is a well-documented anthropological phenomenon.

    The global protest movement is organic and genuine. Those behind this New World Order have of course predicted mass civil uprisings, and are prepared to deal with them -- a fact with which I'm sure you'll agree without the need for further references.

    However, to say that Occupy (and all protest movements) are a tool of the NWO is simply misinformation. As someone working every day to expose every iota of corruption that I possibly can, risking arrest and police violence to do so, I kindly request that you revise your outlook and consider doing further research to corroborate the TRUTH of this matter.

    In kindness and Solidarity

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