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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dilution of the Black Family Exposed (a MUST SEE)

Explaining the Global Elite's agenda to break up the black family.


  1. Hi,
    I am trying to watch this video but since I live in Germany it says 'the video is not available for this country'. Would it be possible for you to upload it somewhere for me to see?
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Youtube is cutting all the true stuff, censorship everywhere,
    could you maybe mirror your Vids on Zshare, or some other uncensored platform?

  3. Hello, from Japan.
    This was new staff to me, so interesting.
    I have been wondering why some of the news casters on tv in japan are half japanese with whites for a few years. This could be the case.
    Japanses tv shows are also corrupted like US.
    They don't even air japanese anthem when athletes win the first place. It's cut off.
    Thank you for the videos, I support you!

  4. To the last poster,

    Yes, white worship mentality is worldwide. It's everywhere, even Asia.

  5. Alicia Keys is mixed herself...

  6. This has got to be the stupidest video I have ever seen. There is no conspiracy to get black women to 'dilute' their race. People are people and if black women want to date outside of their race, great for them. Lord knows the 'brothas' have been doing it for years leaving the black women with scraps....

  7. This might be somewhat disturbing, but what I find more awful is the deliberate acts of Margaret Sanger to convince black people to kill their babies (abortion) and also sterilize them.

  8. Many famous "black," people are mixed, of of whom is Mariah Carey, she clearly looks more white, but she idenfies herself more black. Also, I heard on that movie about Hair by Chris Rock is black guys like white lady, because they will let them touch their hair, if a black lady gets it done, they don't want them to touch it. I think that would legitamently frustrate a man, for real.

  9. To the last anonymous person, you're a fool. It's fact that non-white people throughout the world have a white worship mentality whether it's lightening the skin or making your eyes "Western" or dating a white person to have a half white baby or, for African/black people, straghtening your hair, or claiming to be "mixed." It's been going since European colonialism and now through the media. Yes, the media can influence the way you think in very subtle ways from supporting ridiculous wars to convincing you that anything white is better and anything black is bad. And what's with this "leaving black women with scraps" talk?

    Get your head out of the sand and start realizing the racial politics at play here. Your ignorance is amazing.

    Bondservant4jesuschrist, shut up. Your last comment is foolish.


  10. Watching this makes me rethink taking anything else on this site seriously...

    1. I'm sure taking the mirror seriously is as equally difficult...

  11. Which one of you faggot ass crackers flagged the video...pussies!

  12. So, hey. Like, where will this video be available? This (NOT YOU) is total BS. I thought the internet was the last "free speech" frontier...

  13. We'll see if we can find this video and repost it soon if/ when we do!

  14. Cant watch on youtube can you repost it

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